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Kitesurfing Lessons

Private Lessons:

Private Lessons, 1 Hr

N$900 P/Person

Private Lessons, 2Hrs

N$1600 P/Person

Private Lessons, 3 Hrs

N$2250 P/Person

Private Lessons, 4 Hrs

N$2600 P/Person

1 Day Private Lessons. 5 Hrs

N$3000 P/Person

2 Day Private Lessons, 10 Hrs

N$5500 P/Person

3 Day Private Lessons, 15 Hrs

N$7500 P/Person


Group Lessons

1 Day Beginner Group Lessons, Minimum 3Hrs / Maximum 5 Hrs

N$1800 P/Person

2 Day Group Lessons, 10 Hrs

N$3400 P/Person

3 Day Group Lessons, 15 Hrs

N$4800 P/Person

Group Lessons are for students wanting to come as a couple e.g. a husband and wife, a father and son or simply two friends who want to learn together. Should you not have a partner, kindly ask us for our Private Lessons rates.

Refresher Kitesurfing Lessons

1 Hour – N$800 - All Equipment Provided

Surf Lessons for All
Good to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer lessons from ‘introduction to kite handling’ to ‘going upwind’. Our spot is very safe with plenty of open water down wind and shallow water to make it easier to walk back up wind in the critical beginning phase. 

Our 1 on 1 private lessons are customized to fit your unique style of learning at an optimal pace. This helps each individual student to acquire the skills required to become an independent kite surfer with the confidence to handle a variety of situations and conditions. We are in the water with you until you are ready to go solo, thereafter we are will always have an eye on you to make you are safe while practicing on your own.

We also offer group lessons of up to 2 students per instructor.

Lessons need to be booked in advance, and you have the choice of booking lessons hourly or booking a 6-15 hour course. 

What Do I Need to Bring to My Lesson/Camp?


What Is the Minimum Age for Lessons?

“What is the right age for my kid to learn to kitesurf?” We find that kids five to six years old can learn to fly small trainer kites on land, but there isn't a general rule when they are mastering the sport very well, as this depends on their physical condition, maturity and experiences."

"We find that nine to ten years old is the age range that kids have the motor skills, attention span and desire to learn to kite. Kids in the early to mid teens get it really quickly, and we have seen kids as young as six kiteboarding."

Do You Have to Know How to Swim?

Even though the teaching spot on the lagoon is shallow and safe it is adviasible to be able to swim. You must be a reasonably strong swimmer and be very comfortable in the water to be able to kitesurf.

Can I Rent the Equipment After the Lesson?

Yes you can rent everything that you have been using during the lesson at the center. Please see our "RENTALS" Page for further details.

What Payment Do You Accept?

Cash/Credit Card/EFT

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