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About Us

Kite & Surf where the waves & wind hit the Namib Dunes

Our Story

Namibia Kite Center was started in 2012 by Andreas & Nicole. After 8 great years new management took over in 2020. The Locals and the Twins - Andre & Anton hope to bring you another 8 years of great kiting in the lagoon.

Namibia is a great place to learn how to kitesurf, to brush up on your kitesurfing / windsurfing skills or simply just enjoy the wind.

The Namibia Kite Center offers kitesurfing lessons, kitesurfing equipment rentals and sales for both kitesurfing and windsurfing. We also assist with launching and landing your kite and can arrange accomodation and tours in the area.

For a monthly fee you can store your equipment at the Kite Center, this way it’s quick and easy to get on the water, alternatively you can pay a daily fee and still enjoy all our services

Our Spot

The Walvis Bay lagoon is a perfect spot for kitesurfing / windsurfing with something offered to all levels of experience;

For beginners our training spot is safely located further upwind than the regular kitesurfing / windsurfing spots, this way you feel more comfortable and any obstacles are a long way downwind.

Once your beginner training is complete or you are a more advanced kitesurfer / windsurfer you can launch from our premises. We have a large grass area where we pump up kites, rig sails, do final inspection, launch and land our kites.

Directly in front of the Kite Center is the lagoon, where the water is waist height most of the time, the wind direction at the Kite Center is onshore.

One quick tack away is the famous "Speed Strip", which is about 2,5km long. Here you find flat water and an offshore wind 5 knots more than in the Lagoon. Please never go to the Speed Strip alone, the whole strip is not visible from the Kite Center, a "buddy" system is  preferred for a safety’s aspect.

At the end of the Speed Strip you’ll find the "Second Lagoon", the wind here is less than the "Speed Strip" but the waves are bigger, up to 1,5m on good days. Once again please never go to this area without at least one "buddy". We can’t monitor the "Second Lagoon" from the Kite Center premises.



The lagoon is large enough to offer a feeling of seclusion while kitesurfing / windsurfing and is not as crowded as most of the popular kitesurfing / windsurfing spots around the world.

For wave experts we can organize trips to our famous wave spot; Donkey Bay. Surfers especially enjoy Donkey Bay because of the long left-hand waves. We offer trips for more advanced kitesurfers / windsurfers to Donkey Bay for a fee. Bring your own equipment or rent from us

The Atlantic Ocean is cold along our coast, but the lagoon is much warmer than the open ocean. A wetsuit is required most of the time, but in summer a "shorty" 2-3mm suit will do, while in our winter a long 3-4mm suit is recommended. On average the water in the Lagoon is warmer than that of Cape Town, also most days have kite-able wind. The wind is mostly thermal wind, starting around 14:00 and continues to nightfall.  The predominant wind direction is between South East and South West. In Feb/Mar we get East wind gusting out of the desert. These are kitable but only in the mornings. 

Our Crew

Learn From Our Team of Friendly Professionals

Qualified IKO Instructors - Beginners Lessons & Advanced Lessons

Always friendly and eager to help with great knowledge of the area and the conditions.

Qualified IKO Instructor - Beginners Lessons & Advanced Lessons & Many More